Tuesday, November 09, 2004

bits and pieces!

dear all,
it's been a while, but things are still going on here... we have started looking into photographers! this is exciting! we have a list of recommended people from the castle people, and have been looking through some websites. we're most excited by javan liam. for those who came to the castle with us, this guy is the one who took that FAB picture of the family all lying down in a star shape! you can find it in the portraits section. anyway, his photos seem to capture a lot of emotion, and a lot of happiness, and that's really appealing.
also - my boss got engaged at the weekend! got the feeling that work might turn into a wedding place for a while... ; )
anyway, hope you're all well and we're both looking forward to seeing EVERYONE very soon!!!
good night xxx

Thursday, November 04, 2004

house news!

i know, it's not wedding news, but maybe there are two big days worth blogging?! today i talked to our solicitor (who is lovely, by the way!) and she said we're zooming through everything. we should definately move in in mid-january, so Hotel Becks and Xav is open for bookings!
will keep you updated...