Monday, October 18, 2004

just a quick note to say...

my first day working at harpercollins went well : ) very much enjoyed, but a little overwhelmed. you would not believe what goes into making a book!!!
today was also 'survey day' for the house - hoorah! things are moving... : )

Sunday, October 17, 2004


ok, i know i should have done this earlier, but the photos on the website are so much better than these... but i just wanted to give people a better idea of what the venue will be like, now it's all confirmed!
so, below are a range of photos, taking you through from the hotel to the front of the castle to the grounds... unfortunately the photo taking was a bit of a rush, so the photos aren't great, and i've missed all the beautiful village shots... and there was also a fashion fair, so there are lots of people around and dodgy banners! it will look so different on the day, but i think you can see from the photos why we fell in love with the place.
it has the charm of a little french town (which it was actually based on), with cute little houses surrounding a little town square, but is set in the most beautiful yorkshire countryside - stunning!
starting a new job tomorrow, so have to get an early night...
good night xxx

The hotel 'rooms', with such cute names as 'the hunters lodge' and 'the poachers cottage'... so lovely!! Posted by Hello

The grounds: a deer park with a lake - beautiful! Posted by Hello

The castle... We'll be getting married in a section just to the left of this, but it was covered and hidden by 'the really good deal fashion show' so no photos! Posted by Hello

The entrance to the castle (please ignore 'the really good deal fashion show'!! it won't be there on the day ; ) Posted by Hello

The Boar's Head: the hotel we can stay in in the square in the village Posted by Hello

Monday, October 11, 2004


first things first, thank you to everyone who came down to celebrate our engagement on sunday, it was really lovely to see everyone, and thank you also for the gifts everyone gave us, it was really kind of everyone - so THANK YOU!

and now: twice hooray today! here we go...

we have found a wedding venue and are happy to announce that on 23 June 2006, we'll be getting married at ripley castle, harrogate : ) we went last weekend and it was so perfect... in a little village in the beautiful yorkshire countryside, a castle set in the middle of a deer park... it's stunning, and the food is great, and there's a lovely little hotel just next door, and the people are lovely and kind... it's GREAT. have a look here to see what the venue looks like and here to see the part that we will be hiring in particular... (it's even more beautiful in real life... more photos to follow when i'm on my computer, not xavier's).

so now we're looking forward to a wonderful day: a lovely evening ceremony, beautiful food, relaxing in the bar, (hopefully!) enjoying the wonderful gardens, and dancing the night away on the dance floor before staying at the boars head overnight and then having a lovely breakfast with our closest friends and family.

so that's our first bit of good news, and i would just like to say a big thanks! to mum for doing a great job of finding such a lovely place...

AND you may have noticed that you can no longer view our house on the website... sorry if you missed it... but it's because it's now officially off the market! because it's ours :) we now just have to sort out a surveyor, which is harder than it seems it might be, but hey... it'll be done!

a wonderful day of news : )
good night all xxxxx

Friday, October 08, 2004

a lot can happen in a week

and this week, a lot has!
a week ago i was surfing the internet, i mean working, and i stumbled across 52 The Lane on the Winkworths website and thought it was lovely and that probably we should try and see it (although everyone knows that estate agent website are never updated so...). we got up early on the Saturday morning and trapsed out to Blackheath, and the estate agent said he had one viewing spot the next day. we had to choose 1 of 3 houses he had available to view, and we chose The Lane... So at 10.30 on Sunday morning, we were there, in it. and it's as lovely as it looks on the internet... but bigger! it felt like walking into our house. a second viewing was made on Tuesday night, and an offer put in on Wednesday morning. of course, that was rejected... but the offer we made on thursday morning was accepted! so now, subject the survey and contract and all the little things that can go wrong with buying a house, The Lane will be ours!
Very exciting... Sorry, i know this has absolutly nothing to do with the wedding, but we thought you might like to know : )
also sorry to xavier, I'm probably breaking all the rules by telling people before we've signed anything ; )
More wedding talk will follow soon, i promise, but for now buying a house is actually (oddly) much more manageable!
Looking forward to seeing Hull people soon!

Friday, October 01, 2004

we're back : )

today was the day we set as a day to talk about the wedding again, after apparently a few days off to gather our thoughts. well, as you may imagine, we didn't really take much time off, and we're still not quite ready to say we have any firm plans, but let's just say i feel de-stressed enough to start thinking about the interesting bits again: dresses, hair, the ceremony, what we can do to make the ceremony about us, and how we can make sure evryone has a wonderful day. that's a start!
tomorrow we're going to estate agents, which is not weddingy at all. but we thought you might like to know! we're going to blackheath to register with as many people as we can to try and get closer to moving on from our flat, which, the more wedding magazines i buy, the smaller it feels...!
have a look at this: house 1
or this one

for examples of what we hope might one day be ours!

And to see about the area, have a look here:
i don't think it's a great website, but it gives you an idea perhaps.

Right! 6pm on a Friday, it's time to leave the office!
see you all soon!
love B x