Saturday, March 26, 2005

wedding fever!

hello! remember us? i know, we've been rubbish and probably everyone has lost interest and thinks we never blog anything any more so it's not worth looking... it's kind of true! very sorry... but the house kind of took over for a while there and then we moved and we haven't got a study set up yet so the computers are in quite a depressing room (the only room with boxes yet to be unpacked!)
BUT there has been progress! Firstly, our house is fantastic and we're so happy there. we settled instantly and can't believe we ever lived anywhere else really. we have met some great neigbours, have assembled all our flat pack furniture without going mad and can now even sit on sofas. obviously all of this is great progress which deserves photos, but sadly i'm in hull at the moment, don't have photos with me and don't have the right software on the computer. you'll either have to wait or come and visit : P
and there has also been wedding progress! firstly, i got my dress! it's xxx and xxx with xxx and xxx and xxx. sorry! you'll really have to wait for that one! had the most wonderful day with mum and amy getting it though, it was brilliant, and now i can't stop looking at pictures of me in it!
then, yesterday we went to do a few little details. we went back to the castle to see the insides for ourselves again and it looked amazing, really really beautiful. it's going to be a magical day, especially if the sun shines, but even if it doesn't :) we can't wait now! and also we went to see javan liam, the photographer. what a character! a very nice man and very quirky! i think we all warmed to him very quickly and his photos are stunning, so i think all that's left is to book him for the big day.
so bit by bit things are being done. big shopping day today in leeds with mum and amy so best go and get ready. i will blog more often in future, promise! (and will try to put up some photos soon!)
Becky and Xavier xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not at all!!

I periodically check it out!

hugs, Isabel

p.s.: becks, Mom would love to see the dress, could you send us some pics?

March 30, 2005 at 8:50 AM  

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