Tuesday, September 28, 2004

a little break...

just so you know, we won't be blogging for a little while... we're taking a break in an attempt to stay calm for as long as possible! things are getting a little overwhelming at the moment, and we're afraid we're losing sight of what we really want from our day. so hopefully we will be back soon, a lot more focussed and with real news for you all!
until then, you know where we are : )
B xx

Monday, September 27, 2004


i just rang my first venue! how exciting! have a look at this http://www.exclusivehotels.co.uk/home.asp?hotel=southlodge&Lang=EN
talked to the lovely roberta there today and she helped and gave lots of advice, the south lodge might just hve just gone straight to the top of the list!
sorry elvatham... you're just a bit too expensive, i think... and certainly not irreplaceable!
the quest continues, with both me and xavier pledging to find 5 venues each by the time we go to hull in 2 weeks. 1 - 0 to me at the moment! hoorah : P
let us know what you think...
B xxx

Sunday, September 26, 2004

and how beautiful is this??? Posted by Hello

lazy sunday surfing the net...

and looking at ideas - wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, honeymoon spots... all the fun bits - finding a venue was beginning to feel stressful!!
i like the two bridesmaid dresses pictured, both from monsoon... just ideas!

yesterday we got a brochure from the elvatham... i'm so in love with that place right now, and they even arrange firework displays!!! i'm going to call jane (the wedding planner) on monday for a chat about availability and whether they might be able to arrange the kind of day we want, and how much it might start to cost... it's just stunning!

B xx

And how about this...? Posted by Hello

This one looks nice... Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

the magazine stack grows...

ok, so until a week ago we had a growing collection of Time Out (What's on in London guide...) and The Economist magazines taking over our little flat. Now we have another danger threatening to take over the place: wedding magazines! we need to move ; )
today i got my third in a week, and it was a really great one full of good ideas on dresses etc. it's so exciting... thoughts are flying all over the place: where? how? when? and (very importantly) what will i wear? i've done the only thing i could,bought a file and am trying to organise my thoughts in to seperate sections. only i already have 10 sections (budget, venue, bride, groom, bridesmaid / best man, food, flowers, service, party and 'other little bits') and i have already realised i've missed such crucial areas as 'photos'... i wonder, if you successfully organise a wedding, can you put it on your cv as organisational skills?!
right now it's all just really exciting though... so many thoughts flying around. in a year i'll probably be much more stressed!

Current favourite thoughts:
- an evening wedding, at about 5pm, that goes straight into a night party
- formal evening wear dress - how great would all our men look in james bond style tuxedos?!
- held in a hotel, a beautiful old place where we can party away and then crash straight afterwards and then wake up and have breakfast together... see this http://www.theelvetham.co.uk/ as an example...
- family and friends involved in the service, we would love this to be a celebration for everyone... so dig out those poetry books!!

Of course, some of this could change! but just so you know...

Good night!
B xx

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


we'd also love to see your comments! Make them by clicking on the comments bit below... : )

Testing out uploading pictures... My engagement ring - how exciting!! Posted by Hello

hello all!

ok - so family and friends in hull, leeds, spain and france isn't ideal for a wedding... the last thing we want is for everyone to just turn up and not feel a part of our day! so, although perhaps we're a bit early right now, we thought we would start a blog, somewhere you all can see what's going on and join in : )