Monday, January 31, 2005

back on track!

after a while of it just being house house house, we have reintroduced wedding thoughts! so now it's house house (wedding) house!
yesterday we went through our wedding magazines together, cutting out pieces that we thought were interesting. it lead to two ideas! probably i shouldn't be putting everything down here so you won't know everything about the wedding, but, well, i'm sure there will still be some surprises!
so, xavier had the idea of looking into whether we could make our own wedding rings, which led to us finding this website... and then i started to like the look of tiaras... i figure it might nice to lok a bit sparkly and princess like, especially since i don't really think a veil is for me. see what you think... there's lots to work out, but it's nice to be thinking of these things again!
also, we're trying to get photos of the place where we'll be getting married right now, so watch this space!!
Good night... Becks and Xavier xxx


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